Weeell, we should have finished the build by now, but with every project things go over plan.  But there is a reason for all of this.

In mid June we decided that many of the windows couldn’t be saved.  They were installed by the last owner and had a problem with the grout melting and running down the walls.  Michel, our fantastic builder, told us he wouldn’t finish the walls unless we did something because he didn’t want his work ruined !  A bit cheeky, but he really did have a point.

So, we agreed to replace all the windows on the top floor and several others around the house.  In the meantime, all the exteriors of the downstairs windows have received a beautiful  carré of cement, the building on the kitchen extension is finished, the stables are completely finished, the gable end is finished.

By the end of September all the exterior work will be completed, the kitchen doors and windows will be in, all the other windows will have been installed, the new guttering completed and the renovation of the top floor, which includes fresh plaster and paint, the floorboards and bedroom doors being sanded and stained and light fittings put up, will have been done.  The house will be, after 12 months, fully watertight and warm.

October  will see the final finishes.  Both new bathrooms will go in with high quality fixtures and fittings, huge showers, a bateau bath and bespoke features.  The floor tiling will be laid throughout the ground floor (we are keeping all the original tomettes where we can), the stair case will be completely renovated, all the final plastering and painting will be done and, last but not least, we decided in June to fit a new kitchen.  This will be installed by mid-November.

31st October is the day when all the building rubble will have been removed, the house will have a slight smell of fresh paint and all the lights will glow cosily in the Autumn evenings.  It is time to put some more oil in the radiators and check that the system works after being renovated from top to bottom, and get the chimneys swept ready for the first log fires as the leaves turn and begin to fall.

It has been a long journey, but it is almost over.


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