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The best laid plans of mice and men (often go awry)………… I used to work in project management in the aerospace industry and we always said that the first 90% of the work is done in 10% of the time and the last 10% of the work takes 90% of the time.  Well the proportions aren’t exactly correct but they are not far off. … Read More


when things start arriving.  Today all the light fittings arrived.  Hand made in antiqued brass they will bring a warmth and cosiness to the house. The kitchen space is amost ready and the kitchen arrives on Saturday morning for installation on Monday.  I can’t wait.  

Quick update ……

If you have been following our progress you will realise by now that the finishing date has been something of a moveable feast. First it was June, then it was September, then the end of October – Halloween – it seemed appropriate. Now, the end of November is the finishing date or there will be trouble!  The kitchen will have been installed and the … Read More Quick update ……

I can see light at the end of the tunnel…..

And I am pretty sure it isn’t a train coming in the other direction.  Many people have told me that when the final fixes and finishes go in it all starts to come together quite fast and so it would seem to be. In the last week, I have seen the bones of both bathrooms go up, all the sanitary ware has arrived and … Read More I can see light at the end of the tunnel…..

September Kitchen Plans: Let me tell you a story ……….

About a kitchen !! It was May, and we had decided that if you were going to love the house, you would love her even without a kitchen.  A kitchen is so personal, you arrange it to suit how you live, how you cook, how you socialise.  It is the heart of the house, it is a place for cosy family suppers, and big … Read More September Kitchen Plans: Let me tell you a story ……….

September 2019: Almost Complete

Weeell, we should have finished the build by now, but with every project things go over plan.  But there is a reason for all of this. In mid June we decided that many of the windows couldn’t be saved.  They were installed by the last owner and had a problem with the grout melting and running down the walls.  Michel, our fantastic builder, told … Read More September 2019: Almost Complete

Video Tour of the Estate

Side Garden     Bear Cave     Horse Pen Perimeter     Inner Horse Pen     Outer Wall & Stables     Back Garden    

May 2019: Quick Update

Here we are in mid-May and work is progressing fast.  The stables are completely renovated with the re-connection of the electricity and water being the last things to be done. Kitchen:  demolished!  and a new extended kitchen has been put in its place.  We are about to put the floor in and bring the main wall back to its original stonework.  We are not … Read More May 2019: Quick Update

September 2018: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

This is how the gable end used to look.  It stood tall and firm for a couple of centuries and then time and rot did their work, most notably on one of the wooden joists supporting it.  So it was time for a new wall …………….. The demolition begins …… am I scared?  Am I worried?………………  Oh yes ! Most houses of this period … Read More September 2018: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…