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The grand driveway is perfect for large numbers of guests.

The house’s East-facing front soaks up the morning rays.
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Whilst West-facing windows at the back guarantee direct sunlight into the home all throughout the day.
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The perfect place for a pet lover.
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Flowers in blossom during those hot summer months.
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Forests and a pond can be found within the property’s 20-acre grounds.

The garden stretches out to the fields and lake and is the perfect spot for an early evening aperitif.
senlisse front entrance
The front entrance. Go through these huge electronic gates and follow the 150m drive to the front of the house. The walls, gate and shrubbery guarantee privacy from the road.
Senlisse forest 2
The woodland at the end of the property gets cleared once a year and allows us to let in sunlight to the forest floor. A perfect place for building dens or walking dogs.
Senlisee garden 1
Sun dappled paths are abundant in the forested gardens.
senlisse garden 2
A view from the lake towards the house.
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