Here is a collection of photos of the house

This little beauty will be in the guest ‘wet room’ with a background of shiny black hexagonal tiles. Chic and sexy, so French !

Beaufort taps; for the bath, the showers and the basins. Why? Just because. Because they are beautiful and it would be a shame not to.

Toilets need love too, so we tried to find the perfect loos for the house. Think we managed that !

Imagine this in white…………… well that is our Bateau Bath for the Master Bathroom

The downstairs ‘loo’ and the metal work for the wall is being carefully installed to make sure the beautiful Bulls Eye window is accessible. A good layer of insulation and then plaster board, plaster and paint. It will be pretty and warm enough to want to linger………..

Anatoly is putting on the first undercoat in the main stair case.


The perfect place to hang a chandelier to light up the newly formed dressing room.
The little corridor next to the kitchen will have a retiled floor and new kitchen units to match the main room. You can just see the dining room peeking through the door at the end.
We are hoping it will look something like this (but without the scribbles on it!)

The ceiling is up and the walls are going in. Soon it will start looking like a kitchen
This is the view from the kitchen windows. It might look a little shaggy now, but it will get its last cut before winter, to prepare it for the months ahead.

staircase stripped

The main stairs have been stripped, sanded, filled and are just waiting to be sanded again and then stained and varnished. The metalwork will be repainted black as was normal for the era.

The bottom of the staircase leads you to the small WC and the kitchen. The floors are of original tomettes in various shades of red and orange.

A big, white bateau bath is going in front of these windows. Come rain or shine, you will be able to sit there and look at the gardens while you bathe.
The Master Bathroom is taking shape with the space and the plumbing ready to accept the big walk in shower.
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-24 at 14.49.46
Looks empty now but in 6 weeks it will be……

final vue 2

Something like this.
final vue 4
This island is for food prep, we’ve also included a vegetable sink.
final vue 1
The other island is for entertaining or just having your morning coffee.
Final Buanderie
And we didn’t forget the laundry room.

P1020260 (1)

The grand driveway is perfect for large numbers of guests.
The house’s East-facing front soaks up the morning rays.
P1020261 (1)
Whilst West-facing windows at the back guarantee direct sunlight into the home all throughout the day.
P1020262 (1)
The perfect place for a pet lover.
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-01 at 10.32.53 (2)
Flowers in blossom during those hot summer months.
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-01 at 10.31.02
Forests and a pond can be found within the property’s 20-acre grounds.

The garden stretches out to the fields and lake and is the perfect spot for an early evening aperitif.
senlisse front entrance
The front entrance. Go through these huge electronic gates and follow the 150m drive to the front of the house. The walls, gate and shrubbery guarantee privacy from the road.
Senlisse forest 2
The woodland at the end of the property gets cleared once a year and allows us to let in sunlight to the forest floor. A perfect place for building dens or walking dogs.
Senlisee garden 1
Sun dappled paths are abundant in the forested gardens.
senlisse garden 2
A view from the lake towards the house.
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