We all dream our dreams, and all our dreams are different.  As a family we dreamt of being able to shut our gates, leave the hustle and bustle of the world outside and watch the seasons roll past in all their glory, and we were able to do all that here.

So what is your dream?  If, like us, you want somewhere safe and calm to raise a family and welcome friends, this is the house for you.  The walled garden at the back of the house is big enough for a full-size football pitch, we always thought we would build a tennis court in the side paddock and the garden that welcomes you through the front gate is an expanse of lawn ending in mellow old stone walls.  Your only concern is which day to cut the grass, as your kids busy themselves building dens in the woods or playing hide and seek in the garden.  There is more than enough room to build your own swimming pool, if that is part of your dream, or just sit on the terrace and watch the sun sink over the trees at the end of the property drinking your perfectly chilled rosé.

But maybe you dream of running a gîte?  There are already 5 bedrooms, with an attic space dying to be converted into another large room with space for an en-suite.  Also, with planning permission from the Mairie, it might be possible to convert the outbuildings back to their original purpose of “dependences” for the house.  The area abounds with local produce from farm shops in nearby towns and there is even a local snail farm !

How about retreating completely, and living organically and independently?  The house and gardens are perfect for running your own small-holding.  The whole area on which the property stands is designated as Agricultural Land which means that it can never be developed for housing.  But with nearly eight hectares at your disposal, nine stable boxes and other outbuildings, enclosed fields and gardens, you can use the land for grazing or growing your own organic fruit and veg.  The house has its own water supply from two wells in the garden and enough space to explore the possibilities for your own energy production.

Whatever your dream, you can realise it with this property, so close to nature yet not far from Paris, one of the most elegant capitals in Europe.


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