Here we are in mid-May and work is progressing fast.  The stables are completely renovated with the re-connection of the electricity and water being the last things to be done.

Kitchen:  demolished!  and a new extended kitchen has been put in its place.  We are about to put the floor in and bring the main wall back to its original stonework.  We are not going to install a new kitchen because it is such a personal thing but all the electrics and plumbing, including the option to create an island near the cooker, will be installed and ready to welcome appliances and a sink.

The bathrooms on the middle floor have been completely gutted, ready for the plumbing to be renewed.  The master bathroom is now twice as big as it was and will have a walk-in shower, a gorgeous bateau bath in front of the windows and a double sink.  The bathroom, dressing room and master bedroom will now be one lovely, convenient suite of rooms.

The gable end is finished and looking gorgeous.  The bathroom on the top floor which is by the gable end just has to be re-tiled and it is ready for use.

We are going into the last big push, all hands on deck, to get the work done in the next 12 weeks.  It’s going to be exciting.

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